Soulful Activities


Mission Statement

Our aim is to provide inspiration and mentorship on a spiritual, physical, mental and emotional level and to facilitate quality teaching and care to participants through Meditation, Yoga, Reiki and other Energy Healing Modalities and Holistic Therapies.

Our committment is to share our accumulated knowledge and to mindfully assist those who want to enhance their personal growth, awareness and understanding to an optimum place of wellness, healing and loving kindness for self, loved ones and others.

Our vision is to raise universal consciousness by facilitating sacred healing work via workshops, group work, individual treatments and consultations as Holistic Healing Providers for those seeking gentle non-invasive forms of therapies such as Meditation, Yoga, Reiki Treatments and Training, Reiki Sharing, Holisitic Counselling, Spiritual Mentoring and Spiritual Healing.

2017 Soulful Activities

Weekly Offerings ...

Wednesday: Group Meditation 9-10

Thursday: Gentle Yoga 9-10

[All group meditation and yoga sessions are $10 per person]

Professional Offerings by appointment

Wednesday to Friday: Spiritual Counselling 2-5

 Friday & Sunday: Tarot & Numerology Reader

Saturday: Reiki Training, Levels 1, 2 & 3

Sunday: Reiki & Spiritual Healings

[For further information or to book private consults/healings/training please call 3285 4886 or email]


Usui Method of Natural Healing - Members of Reiki Australia

Chris Ward, Reiki Master/Teacher (0409 401 894)

Reiki Treatments: 1 hour $70 (Alternate Sundays between 10 and 2)

Next REIKI TRAINING ~ Level 1, Saturday, October 21st (contact us for more details)

Next Reiki Share: Saturday, 23rd September

All Reiki levels welcome, please contribute a gold coin donation and bring a plate of light food to share for afternoon tea.


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