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CD: Chakradance

Sku : 026755



Description / Synopsis:

Hailed as the next Pilates (and referred to by some as a dance party without the drugs), Chakradance is a freeform, spontaneous dance combining creative visualisation, music and movement.More than just an exercise regime, Chakradance is a complete workout for body, mind and spirit, aimed at bringing relief and balance to the stresses of modern-day living.Natalie Southgate, founder of Chakradance says, Chakradance draws on a fusion of philosophies and musical styles, focusing solely on personal experience and the balancing of individual chakras the energy centres which are the gateways to integrating mind, body and spirit.In Chakradance, music plays a vital role. Participants leave reality behind, surrendering to the music and dancing from the inside out, while undertaking their own, very personal journey of healing, restoring the whole self to a state of calm vitality. Each track is carefully chosen to resonate with the individual chakra points and works as a vibrational medicine, allowing each of the chakras to come back into balance, ultimately freeing their natural energy flows to a renewed and envigorated sense of self!

CD: Chakradance
SKU: 026755
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