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CD: Joy

Sku : 051021


Author: WILDE Stuart
Publisher: Quiet Earth Publishing

Description / Synopsis:

Falling in Love with Life On the first part of this recording, Stuart Wilde looks at re-discovering joy in your life. He gives you practical information on: the freedom of happiness; embracing goodness and simplicity; laughter and the carefree spirit; imperfection and forgiveness; liberation; the peaceful sanctuary within and letting go and returning to joy.

A truly remarkable and insightful discourse on re-establishing and sustaining joy and exhilaration in your heart.

The second track is a subliminal program full of positive affirmations to lift your spirits and live a more carefree life.

Tracks 1 to 9 - Discussion (38 mins) 1: Re-discovering Joy 2: Conflict within and the loss of sensitivity 3: Acceptance and the freedom of happiness 4: Embracing goodness and simplicity 5: Laughter and the carefree spirit 6: Imperfection and forgiveness 7: Liberation, unknowing and peace within 8: Letting go and returning to joy 9: Falling in love with life

Track 10 - Subliminal messages with beautiful music (33 mins)

CD: Joy
SKU: 051021
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