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Living Yoga Wisdom

Sku : 060845

Living Yoga Wisdom

Author: Wolz-Gottwald, Exkard and Schroeder, Ilka

Description: Through yoga philosophy towards more awareness for body, mind, soul. Living Yoga Wisdom is a practice book for beginners as well as for advanced yoginis and yogis, who would like to deepen and advance their practice through yoga philosophy. Each of the 18 chapters is coupled with exercises, which not only make yoga philosophy more comprehensible, but also applicable and experiential in everyday living. The book demonstrates that yoga philosophy means a lot more than only theory. The philosophical exercises help to create awareness of the meaning of yoga practice in its original sense. It becomes possible to experience yoga as a pathway of training the consciousness of body, mind and soul, and also as guidance for everyday living.

Page Count: 128

Living Yoga Wisdom
SKU: 060845
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