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CD: Rainforest Magic

Sku : 060633

CD: Rainforest Magic

Author: Tony O'Connor

Description: A distant waterfall, a gentle babbling stream, whip birds.......Rainforest Magic is an adventure into nature's wonderland. I spent a year travelling Australia, recording sounds in several of the most beautiful rainforests (Daintree, Lamington, Tasmania etc). On my return, I played the sounds in the studio and composed music over the top, to try and recreate that special stillness and magic of the forest. Panflutes, piano and gentle orchestral sounds provied the ideal timbres. Next to Mariner, this album is undoubtably one of my most popular recordings. Over 500,000 copies have now been sold, and to this day I still receive letters and emails from listeners saying this is their most favourite CD. Songs: 1. Memories, 2. Silent Spirit, 3. A Place to Hide, 4. Living Galleries, 5. Mountain Forests, 6. Summer Rain, 7. One Spirit

CD: Rainforest Magic
SKU: 060633
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