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CD: Reiki Wellness

Sku : 060599

CD: Reiki Wellness

Author: Various

Description: This musical companion for Reiki healers showcases seven exquisite tunes (all previously released) by three innovators of the current new age scene: Kamal, Deuter, and Anugama. Deuter's "Flowing" and "Healing Circle" feature delicate piano parts circling around thrilling washes of synthesizer, while Kamal's duets for flute and whale-song deliver the listener to a soothing sonic hydrosphere. The centerpiece of the collection is Anugama's 16-minute epic "Magic Flow," which captures both the transcendence and wildness of the healing life force.

Publisher: New Earth Healing Sounds & Wellness Inc

Compact Disc

CD: Reiki Wellness
SKU: 060599
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