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Smashing Depression

Sku : 060590

Smashing Depression

Author: Watts, Terence

Description: This book can help the sufferer of mild to moderate depression overcome the biggest hurdles to emotional health - negative belief and poor self-worth. Between them, these two processes generate the debilitating idea that there is no hope for a brighter future or the sort of life that others might call ‘normal’. And yet with the structured programme presented here, the reader can: discover and eliminate subtle subconscious processes that lock depression in place find their true self that may have been ‘locked away’ for years discover whether it’s conscious change or subconscious acceptance that’s needed find out how being active instead of reactive is the way forward. The seven-step programme was created by the author over many years of working directly with sufferers, successfully helping them to find their way back to emotional health. It’s not just a quick fix that soon fades away, but a permanent solution that will actually reshape your life and attitude to self. In short, it’s the blueprint that will help you set yourself free!
Smashing Depression
SKU: 060590
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