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Powerful Living: Mindset + Exercise + Recipes

Sku : 060586

Powerful Living: Mindset + Exercise + Recipes

Author: Bridges, Michelle

Description: This book is about YOU! It will be your roadmap to getting where you want to be, taking control and getting back your self-belief. Let's re-ignite your inner arse-kicker! This time, it's personal. Power up!' When you choose to change, Michelle Bridges gives you everything you need to get you where you want to go. Power Food: More than 60 recipes and countless food ideas – organised by calorie count so you can create a menu that works for you. Body Power: 18 exercises and 10 highly effective workouts you can do virtually anywhere. Mind Power: Switching your brain to 'I can do it' with 40 practical mindset drills. Change your life – your way.

Powerful Living: Mindset + Exercise + Recipes
SKU: 060586
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