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IC: Aboriginal Dreaming Runes

Sku : 060392

IC: Aboriginal Dreaming Runes

Author: Brown, Mel

Description: The Aboriginal Dreaming Runes are inspired by the close connection between the Australian Aboriginal Artist/Author’s spirituality and her relationship with her country. Different variations of dreaming runes have been used for thousands of years by Aboriginal Medicine Men and Women, or the Wise People, as a way of seeking advice for the Mob. The Aboriginal Dreaming Runes are a set of 15 runes and includes an instructional booklet. “Rune casting" is not fortunetelling in the sense that you actually see the future, instead, the Aboriginal Dreaming Runes provide you with a means of analysing a question and seeking answers on a likely outcome.

IC: Aboriginal Dreaming Runes
SKU: 060392
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