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Voices: Doris Stokes Collection

Sku : 059541

Voices: Doris Stokes Collection

ISBN: 9780751522402

One of the world's most celebrated mediums, Doris Stokes brought joy, comfort and fascination to thousands of people during her lifetime. From families wishing to contact departed loved ones to police forces trying to solve murder cases, the uncanny accuracy of her psychic powers became universally acclaimed, while her readings and performances in Australia, New Zealand, the United States and at home were received with an adulation normally reserved for film stars.

This unique collection includes the two bestselling books in which Doris Stokes shared her remarkable experiences with readers throughout the world.

In Voices in My Ear, she reflects on discovering this extrondinary gift within herself. Officially informed that her husband have been killed during the Second World War, she was visited at the height of her greif by her long-dead father. He told Doris that her husband was alive and would return, but the joy turned to grief when her father re-appeared to warn of the impending death of her healthy baby son: both predictions came true.

More Voices in My Ear recalls how Doris helped the family of one of the Yorkshire Ripper's victims, enabled the late actor Peter Finch to communicate with his wife, and gave hope to the parents of young children who have disappeared in strange circumstances all over the world.

Voices: Doris Stokes Collection
SKU: 059541
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