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DVD: Shift Happens

Sku : 059411

DVD: Shift Happens

ISBN: 9781401942977
Author: Holden, Robert
Format: DVD
Publisher: Hay House

Description / Synopsis:

“Some people go through life, and others grow through life,” says Dr. Robert Holden in this inspiring live lecture for PBS. With his signature wisdom and humour, Robert shows you how to experience a new level of happiness, success, and love in your life. Over three acts, Robert reveals key principles and practices that are the heart of his work. Key themes include: The Miracle of Self-Acceptance: The more you accept yourself, the more every area of your life improves. Happiness NOW: Stop searching for happiness and start following your joy. Authentic Success: Let go of the “counterfeit coins” and recognise what you truly want. Beyond Independence: If you are alive, you need help! Real Abundance: If you think something is missing in your life, it is probably more of the real you!

DVD: Shift Happens
SKU: 059411
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