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CD: Inner Power

Sku : 059368

CD: Inner Power

ISBN: 794504717327
Author: Fairchild, Alana
Publisher: Blue Angel Gallery

Description / Synopsis:

Divine Power is the spiritual electricity that switches us on. It is what takes our enormous potential and turns it into reality. Without it, we cannot step away from old patterns and into new manifestations. It is Divine Power that transforms love into action, bringing our spiritual destiny to life upon the Earth in a physical way. Most of us on an inner journey are familiar with the energies of love and light, yet these are only two parts of the divine trinity. The third piece of that sacred trio is Divine Power, the ability to be love in action and shine so bright that others can be nourished and guided by your light. It is your time to turn your inner dreams into outer reality. Take peace with your power as you are healed and guided to step fearlessly onto your path and BE in the world. 3 tracks, 63 minutes.
CD: Inner Power
SKU: 059368
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