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CD: Transference Healing

Sku : 059326

CD: Transference Healing

ISBN: 9780975062869
Author: Cartwright, Alexis

Description / Synopsis: 

This CD contains four unique and powerful meditations that work with the frequency healing and ascension technology of the Transference Healing® modality. Spoken by the Transference Healing® channel and anchor, Alexis Cartwright, these guided meditations will enable you to create alchemical healing in your body and consciousness. They connect you to the light grid of the Earth and cosmos to support the integration of crystalline frequencies and light technology. This will allow you to purify, clear pain and integrate ether and light, shifting you into a higher vibration to attain new levels of awareness.

Receive a powerful Transference healing supported by the elements of our universe and dimension each time you practise one of these meditations. Participate in the joy of healing as you allow your mind to journey into realms and realities that free your spirit, opening you up to unlimited experiences and birthing your potential. Bring you dreams into manifestation!

The unique and natural sounds that accompany these energetic meditations have been recorded and crafted by composer and sound designer, Pete Gill.

Pete is known for his skill in the storytelling arts. His music will take you on a journey into the realities these meditations create, thereby supporting your healing and awakening.

CD: Transference Healing
SKU: 059326
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