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Loose Herbs-White Sage, Cedar & Sweetgrass

Sku : 053354

Loose herbs – White Sage, Cedar & Sweetgrass 20g
Use this combination to clear and protect and to also create harmony through the grounding influence of the cedar. The balance resulting from the alchemy of this mix makes it an ideal personal space and living area adjuster. It is ideal to make a fresh start in the new dwelling, meeting place, vehicle, etc. Or, it can help to sell your home or vehicle. Deal with teenage angst as well as the “stuff” sometimes left behind by visitors.

Eartharomas offer a range of herbs and blends in packets for use with charcoal blocks for hands-free smudging.

This is an excellent way of cleansing and purifying an area while you are focussed on an activity, such as meditating, which avoids the need to hold a smouldering smudge bundle.

All Eartharomas herbs are from their own herb beds and are grown using organic practices.
Loose Herbs-White Sage, Cedar & Sweetgrass
SKU: 053354
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