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DVD: Discover and Deepen Your Potential -4 DVD Set

Sku : 059046

Discover and Deepen Your Potential - 4 DVD Set

A Powerful Training in New Ways of Being

Author: Jean Houston
ISBN: 9781582703985


With humor, wisdom, and compassion, renowned teacher and philosopher Dr. Jean Houston teaches you how to overcome life's obstacles to achieve your dreams. Join a live audience of ordinary individuals as you learn to engage life with renewed vigor and peel away the layers that block your full potential.

This life-changing four-part series offers a rare opportunity to work with a leader in the field of human capacity to unearth your true path. With each segment—Engage, Expand, Become, Connect—you will more deeply understand both your place in the world and your power to achieve.

DVD: Discover and Deepen Your Potential -4 DVD Set
SKU: 059046
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