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Shakyamuni Buddha Statue

Sku : 033473

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Shakyamuni Buddha Statue

Colour: bronze + gold finish
Height: 275mm or 11"

Guatama Buddha was born 563 b.c. in northeast India. He was the son of the King of the Sakyas, Suddhodana. .Buddha's mother was Queen Maya. When he left the palace and entered the life of an ascetic, he became known as Shakyamuni (Sakyamuni).

Shakyamuni is seated in the lotus posture upon a double lotus, in his left hand he holds a begging bowl, which symbolises renunciation of worldly attachments. Shakyamuni's right hand is in the Bhumisparsha mudra, which means 'earth touching' or 'earth witness'

Shakyamuni Buddha Statue
SKU: 033473
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